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 Creating Polished, Persuasive Copy that Builds Your Brand, Brings You More Customers, and Fuels Your Business Growth

My name is Susan Landry, and I'm a veteran copywriter with over 10 years of experience serving clients around the world. I help companies get markedly better results from their promotions by developing clear and succinct copy for their websites, brochures, white papers, sales letters, emails, case studies, and more.

Why hire me as your freelance copywriter?

With a background in behavioral psychology, I understand that great copy is about far more than stringing pretty-sounding words together. It's about connecting deeply with your audience on multiple levels.

When we work together, I do the legwork needed to get to know your business, your products or services, and the customers you're trying to reach. There are no shortcuts. The information I gather in this "discovery phase" makes all the difference between fresh, compelling copy that distinguishes your brand - and the same stale mumbo-jumbo that most of your competitors are using in their marketing.

In short, I get to know your audience in ways most copywriters don't - so I can speak to them in their language. And when your prospective customers feel like you really "get" them - and can solve their problems - they are more likely to want to do business with you.

Do I have experience writing copy for your particular industry?

My depth and breadth of experience combined with my in-depth research process makes me capable of writing for almost any industry - from high-tech and higher education to healthcare and finance.

If you're having trouble putting your message into words - or can't seem to find the right freelance copywriter for your company, let's talk about what I can do for you!

Call me at 774-565-0264.
Email me at

P: 774-565-0264

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"As a busy consultant and trainer, I have a lot of calls on my time. And one of the things that regularly tripped me up was thinking I could write the sales copy for my own sites. Then I met freelance copywriter Susan Landry and was gobsmacked with the quality, speed, and sheer power of her words. Now, I never think of writing my own copy. I write a brief and Susan delivers - in spades. Jobs that used to take me weeks are done and making me money in a fraction of the time."

- Ken McGaffin, Internet Marketing Consultant

"Susan is a talented and intuitive freelance copywriter who excels at spinning rough text into polished, persuasive language. She has a keen understanding of how to write copy that resonates with our target audiences while favorably supporting our brand. As a bonus, Susan is reliable and timely with her work. She's a true professional and a valuable partner in our marketing endeavors. Absolutely the best copywriter I've ever worked with!"

- Dan Hoeyer, CEO, AVT Business School

"We were really pleased with the copy you wrote for our Web Content Recipe book. And we were even more delighted by the sales figures - 350 copies in the first 48 hours, and more than 1,100 copies sold in the first two weeks! Your copy is of a consistently high standard. As a freelance copywriter, you understand what we're trying to achieve and you write copy that's right for us and our customers."

- Justin Deaville, CEO, Wordtracker


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"Susan is a joy to work with, the very best freelance copywriter in my 11 years of website ownership. She is quick to understand and writes excellent salescopy.  Our sales are up by 800% and rising with increased search engine traffic from the keywords she researched and worked into the copy. I highly recommend Susan and her work!" 

- Larry Clapp, PhD, JD
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"Susan, the Clay Essentials convention and product launch was fantastic--a huge success!! Thanks for all of your help in making it happen. You are such a pleasure to work with and an extremely talented marketing copywriter. I look forward to working with you again."

- Carol Berardi
Trilogy International, Inc. Palm City, FL
Clay Essentials Skin Care Line

“As a copywriter, Susan has amazing talent. Her writing sweeps away our website visitors and ensures that they truly experience the properties and communities we represent. What's more, Susan is easygoing and a real pleasure to work with. I supplied her with a few basic details and she would quickly deliver a tight, polished and highly accurate real estate article.”

- Amy Garcia
The Garcia Group , Las Vegas NV

"Susan, I especially wanted to thank you for all the hard work and the craftsmanship. As our freelance copywriter, you've helped us turn a dry-sounding business into one that will get a lot of positive attention from high-level corporate execs. Looking forward to future work together."

- Andy Goorno
Global Sourcing Group, MA

"Susan, the Accommodation Guru copy is bloody brilliant!! I get an enquiry from somewhere in the world almost every day, and I am ranked number 1 in Google & MSN out of 345,000 sites. I have never been a great fan of the 'long sales copy' look & feel, but it works!"

- Dave Upton
ITbyus Pty Ltd.

"As our our freelance copywriter, we sincerely appreciate the key role you played in making the website a success. Thank you for enhancing the quality of our message, and we look forward to working with you on future copywriting projects."

- Julie Lenahan
Director of Marketing, Dominion Diagnostics
North Kingstown, RI

"As our freelance copywriter, Susan has an uncanny ability to fully understand our business as if she had been an integral part of its growth from inception. She is then able to write smooth fluent documents, which flow so well that the reader is drawn and compelled to continue to the last line of the last page. We are forever grateful and expect maintain our relationship for the foreseeable future." (more ...)

- Warren M. Fabel
Chairman, LaserSubtrates, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

"In the 22 years I've been a consultant, I've found Susan's copywriting to be some of the best I've seen by far. The only thing I hope we can remedy is getting more of her time going forward !"

- Jonathan Burgiel , CEO
Beck Disaster Recovery, Orlando, FL

"Susan, I  can't tell you how impressed I am with the copywriting you've done for our website! You'll be happy to hear we were just awarded a  very strategic project by one of our target clients, which is an important win because it opens up another geographic market for us. When asked why they selected us, one of the things they said was 'I went to your website and liked what I saw'. I can't thank you enough!"

- Patty Braswell, Marketing Director
Beck Disaster Recovery, Orlando, FL

"Susan's newsletters consistently generate sales for us. Every issue is a winner that directly and very positively affects our company’s bottom line." (more ...)

- Sheldon Greene
Chief Executive Officer
Condo Hotel Center
North Miami, Florida

"We have been extremely busy with all of the action generated by your press release!"

- Ira Carlin
Battery Xtender  _____________________________

"Susan, you crafted a sales piece that's continuing to provide great results for my company. Your experience and flexibility show in your creative ideas and excellent advice. Your integrity is reflected by an attitude that always seeks to improve my business, instead of yours. I'll call you for my next project. I am beyond pleased with the job you did."

- Mike Symonds
Gann Global Financial

"Thank you, Susan, for a job well done. The sales copy you wrote is already generating more sales for my product. I will use your freelance copywriting service again for future projects."

- Kal Hajeer

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